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Blue Horizon Construction provides exceptional construction-related services, perfectly tailored for you. Its founding members, Cameron Rahe and Greg Shavalier, have over forty years working in the southwest Florida construction and development profession. With higher education degrees in construction management, Cameron and Greg’s careers include successful large-scale commercial projects, high-rise residential work, mixed-use developments, residential community development with vertical homebuilding operations, multi-family new construction, single family new home construction, luxury renovations, and custom homes. Their balanced perspectives and well-rounded skills create successful teams and projects, and they will be personally involved in yours.

Trust, transparency, dedication, and flexibility sets Blue Horizon Construction apart from the rest. Cameron and Greg’s unique experiences, character, and abilities add maximum value to every project. They have a deep understanding of what is important to all parties and how to align goals for the best outcome. Blue Horizon Construction started because of a need for freedom to create and maintain a culture of trust, respect, dedication, transparency, and fairness that serves the construction needs of our community.

Cameron and Greg have a proven track record of success and long-lasting relationships that continues through Blue Horizon Construction. They are smart, driven, hands-on, professional, proactive, creative, credible, and trustworthy. Blue Horizon Construction is the culmination and continuation of all the devoted effort, experience, and successes. We look forward to meeting you!

Trust is Fundamental

It’s hard to tell you to trust us and have it mean anything at this time, but please know that you can. Our relationship starts and thrives, with trust.  You are in great hands and can rely on us with your project, your goals, our alignment together, and to deliver a project the way you want it to be. Without trust, our relationship and your project cannot fully realize their potential.  It is our promise that we will not compromise on this foundational trait. It is who we are and it is the bedrock of everything we do in life.

Founders' Bio

Cameron Rahe

Cameron was born and raised in southwest Florida and has deep connection to the local environment, culture, and people. Growing up in the construction industry and being involved in almost every aspect of the trades provided a deep understanding of the entire building process.

Cameron graduated at the top of his class from the University of Florida with a degree in Building Construction, which is the long-standing #1 program in the country. After graduating and marrying his college sweetheart, Cameron returned to Naples and started his professional career in commercial construction. Working from the office to the field and back to the office through progressive responsibilities, Cameron has estimated, planned, developed, represented, and managed over one billion dollars in commercial structures, large residential communities, a CCRC, and luxury custom homes.

Outside of the business, Cameron and his wife, Lainie, have two beautiful daughters. They enjoy visiting and vacationing with family, lobstering in the Keys, camping, exploring nature, and completing home projects. They recently built their own custom home from scratch in Naples. Cameron is also a FWC Burmese Python contractor, and he and his family can often be found exploring the Everglades on a hot summer night searching for snakes.

Greg Shavalier

Greg was drawn to the construction industry at an early age, inspired by the unique buildings and structures constantly sprouting up along the Las Vegas skyline where he grew up. That piqued interest eventually led to Greg attending the school of Building Construction at the University of Florida for a Masters, after receiving a BS in Industrial Engineering. 

Upon graduating, he relocated to Naples where his wife Alissa had spent her childhood vacations and wanted to set roots. His entire adult and professional career have been here in SW Florida, working on a diverse spectrum of construction projects including high rise condominiums, hospitality, clubhouses, casinos, higher education, office, retail, health care, CCRC’s, single & multi-family communities, luxury renovations, and custom homes. He has worked in every aspect of the business to gain a complete understanding, from hands on field supervision, preconstruction services, to project management, eventually progressing to overseeing teams and developments throughout our community. He draws on those experiences, relationships, and acquired skills to deliver the best experience and results for all Blue Horizon clients. Greg’s passion lies in the finer details of each project, and the cultivation of a team environment to bring out each members strengths and realize something greater.

Outside of work, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, supporting, and sharing in all their sports and activities. He also loves reading to learn new things, hiking, snowboarding, and any excuse to be active outside.


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